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Erotic energy is the pulse beating beneath vitality, productivity, and creativity

Unlocking your erotic expression—your unique map of turn ons and inspirations—frees up immense generative energy. Yet many people see sex as an obligation, or an indulgence reserved for those who are younger, or who have more time, or less responsibilities. 


If you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, disconnected or disassociated— a stranger to your own body and sensual impulses, you are not alone. Most human beings are gripped by shame and taboo, which cuts us off from the immensely powerful source of life force energy that is always available to us. This potent current uplifts and inspires as much out of the bedroom as it does between the sheets. 


Just as you tend to your physical health with good food, water, and movement, your sexual well being requires attention, too. Nurturing your sexuality can help you become a better partner, an inspired artist, a compassionate manager, a patient parent—a more expansive, realized version of you. Once you have reclaimed your sexual sovereignty and are in open communication with this part of yourself, you will move through the world with more confidence, ease, and grace...and people will notice. 


“Seduce yourself first.”

― Kamand Kojouri


I’m Jessica Habie, a sex and creativity coach dedicated to supporting people in reawakening their sexual selves and igniting their passion and creativity. 


I bring 20 years of interdisciplinary art making and certification in the Somatica® Sex and Relationship Coaching Method to my work with artists, innovators, executives, parents, and entrepreneurs. Whether you are on a personal journey of enhanced erotic pleasure or are hoping to bring more energy and excitement into your sexual encounters, I look forward to supporting your exploration.

I find a special joy in supporting mothers and birthing people, from the wild first months of the postpartum period into the balancing act of raising older kids, pursuing your own professional and artistic dreams, and being in partnership. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I support individuals in connecting to their sexuality during the treatment, recovery, and remission phases of cancer care. 

To learn more about the Somatica® Sex and Relationship Coaching Method please the Somatica® Institute.


Please reach out to schedule a 60 minute session or complementary 15 minute consultation.

“Sex is an emotion in motion.” 
― Mae West

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