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Let's Talk About Sex Baby (and Babies)

Have you recently had a baby and are finding it difficult to get reconnected with your erotic self?


Or maybe your children are a bit older, but it’s been a while since you enjoyed the kind of intimacy you experienced before becoming a parent?


What you are going through is completely normal! There is nothing wrong with you if you aren’t the same person sexually that you were before you became a parent.

In the Series “Let’s talk about Sex Baby (and Babies)” we will explore the Somatica Method’s approach to improving sex and relationships by learning practical tools that will help you discover what kind of intimate experiences you most desire and giving you the skills and language to share your desires with your partner.

Workshop Themes:

• Understanding the natural sexual changes that accompany the transition to parenthood


• Exploring what turns you on today and why it may be different than what aroused you once upon a time


• Communicating our desires to ourselves and others


• Reconnecting to our postpartum bodies and their ability to bring us pleasure


• Learning Erotic Embodiment techniques

 • Discovering our personal and specific erotic languages

2023 In Person Workshops

$75 per person, per session

Monday September 18th 6pm-9pm

Monday October 23rd 6pm -9pm

Monday November  13th 6pm-9pm



Central Santa Cruz Location

Further Details with Registration

Email for more information or to register.

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